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Grant Park

$100/60 minute
$140/90 minute
$180/120 minute
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1030 Grant St SE, suite 3

Atlanta, GA 30315

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Our Team at
Grant Park

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Carrie Padgett

Massage Therapist | Founder | Fine Artist

Over a decade in Massage Therapy, and a lifetime artist, her passions combined into one unique practice.

Carrie knew massage therapy would be her life long practice when her instructors helped her heal from a herniated disk and used her as an example in class. She looks at the body like a tension bridge and gets a full picture of what the body needs before getting into the session. Her goal is to help the industry evolve as we understand more about the effects of therapeutic human contact. She is excited to teach continuing education to her fellow massage therapists to create consistency in our services and help others grow.


Dr. Matthew MacLeod, Physical Therapist

Specializes in Orthopedics, Dry Needling, and Concussion Management

Dr. Matthew MacLeod is a physical therapist from Atlanta that specializes in orthopedics as well as concussion management and is the founder of Foundation Physical Therapy, LLC.  Dr. MacLeod’s treatment method includes changing the way a patient thinks and perceives their body so they can maximize their movement and better interact with their environment, sport or hobby. He also offers dry needling in conjunction with evidence-based manual driven therapy. He is the creator of the lumbopelivc laser used to improve balance and postural coordination of any age group or activity level. His current and past research endeavors includes conceptual concussion rehabilitation and decreasing fall risk for the neurological deficit and geriatric populations.  Dr. MacLeod is driven not only by the structural and biomechanical improvements gained from his patients, but also the advancement of this patient’s awareness of themselves based on his conceptual one-on-one teaching.

Our Location

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We take your lifestyle and daily activities into account to better understand your body’s unique needs. During your session, it is most effective when you are in a passive state, breathing slowly and allowing your body to soften into the table or floor. It is common for clients to enjoy their session in silence and even fall asleep. 


Our large classroom/gallery space has padded floors to accommodate services that work better on the floor, such as Thai massage and Active Isolated stretching. If your therapist recommends a floor session, please wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Please remove your shoes before stepping onto the padding. Floors are sanitized with PureGreen 24 in between each session.