Massage Therapy you can trust.

Improving quality of life through human contact

At age 14 our founder, Carrie Padgett, told her mom that she wanted to run a massage therapy practice that doubled as her art gallery. 20 years later, she is still on this path and has established a unique practice that combines her passions and improves quality of life for her clients and staff.

Our contemporary lifestyles often do not allow for enough physical contact on a regular basis, especially now that contact comes with higher risks. We strive create the context and space for healing to occur by adhering to health & safety protocols, using modalities that are effective for the issues at hand, and providing relief with minimal to no pain. 

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The art of safe & effective touch

Massage therapy is an essential form of healthcare. Research shows how massage can improve a broad spectrum of issues from common back and neck pain to chronic fatigue and migraines. Experience the benefits of therapeutic massage on a regular basis to improve your quality of life and overall health & wellness.

In our hands, the body is a canvas and each massage is a work of art.

2000 x 600

Our Gallery

Our classroom acts as a fine art gallery to showcase the works of our founder and other local artists. All original artwork is for sale, prints and merchandise available at our Society 6 Shop. Gallery space available for events, email to inquire.

Featured Artists

2000 x 900 katie

Katie Herman

Creator and Collector of art Big and small

Her laser cut artwork emphasizes the beauty in geometry (a class she notably hated) and interplay of colorful layers.  Though her medium of choice has varied over time, her work consistently explores the mechanisms of connection through form.  Her recent collaborative works include a 30’ maze effigy incorporating the work of 40+ local artists – it was subsequently burned to the ground intentionally – and a volcano art car codesigned with her husband and taken on a Burning Man expedition.  She lives in Atlanta with her husband, grumpy hound dog, and vegetable garden. 

2000 x 900 carrie art

Carrie Padgett

Founder, Painter, Big Thinker

Carrie has a fascination with color theory and affinity for enormous paintings and murals. In addition to anatomical subject matter, she enjoys abstract and nonobjective compositions that celebrate geometry and pattern in all things. Her work uses thoughtful, bright, playful colors to create rhythm and maps out compositions using the golden ratio. Her abstracted landscapes reduce the overwhelming visuals of nature down to elements that recreate how it felt when experiencing vast landscapes first hand.